Nilepocdotcom is Craig Copelin

I am a Self taught artist focused on capturing adventure. 

Stop the motion, share the action is the focus of my work.  

I have been active in the climbing scene since the late eighties.  My business interests have included participating in a climbing clothing startup, working with climbing gyms in many capacities. Photography has always been a passion and is a very nice way to spend my time between burns at the crag.  

My work has been published in climbing magazines, catalogues, advertisements, climbing gym educational material and travel guides.  I am a photographer for hire and do shoot the occasional wedding. Please contact me directly for rates. 

As a supplement to my photography I am also a CRNA practicing in Salida Colorado. 


Contact Information

1231 D St. Salida, CO 81201

(505) 504-4666 is the URL for my retail images.